Micropenis nightmare, a solution

A micropenis as described by medical literature is “an unusually small penis, featuring a stretched flaccid length of less than 2 centimeters for a newborn male child and less than 4 centimeters for an adult.”

The definition is truly quite random, as other doctors have given a different definition.

This condition is usually noted shortly after the birth of a baby boy as the perineum, penis, and scrotum are completely formed and there is no doubt about the size.

The condition occurs in about in 0.6% of the male population.

The cause of micropenis

This condition is believed to be from a low production of androgen while in the womb. The male fetus does not obtain enough androgen while in the womb, thus the penis does not even reach average size.

Other causes, which may attribute to this condition, include a deficiency in the fetus’ ability to manufacture hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, inherited growth hormone deficiency, or insufficient stimulation of the pituitary gland.

No matter the cause, the condition can be very traumatic on a man's self image and self esteem. Men suffering from this condition can have children but sexual intercourse is a bit difficult. The traditional way in which a man stands to urinate is even very difficult for a man with this condition.

Treatments for micropenis

There is good news, there are treatments for micropenis.

One of the most popular is to treat this problem while the male is still a baby via supplementing the body’s hormones production.

There are a few surgical treatments that are for enlarging the penis, but are only used in rare cases as the results are not adequate.

The best way of all is by using a traction device for micropenis that will enlarge the penis naturally instead of using an artificial solution via surgery.

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A word of advice for those suffering from micropenis – do not try to change the condition without help. Before you try any method at all, consult a doctor usually an Urologist about your situation.

It is always in your best interest to weigh the alternatives before you try something that you cannot reverse. If you are not positive you have a micropenis, then visit your doctor and they will be able to answer the question if your penis is normal or they can refer you to a specialist for more assessments.

If you do not have a micropenis, but have a small penis you wish to enlarge naturally, you can try penis enlargement exercises and devices. The solution is created to help men increase their penis size in their own home without the use of pills or pumps. Exercises and devices are more than likely the safest and healthiest way to actually increase the girth and length of your penis while erect or in flaccid states.

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